Medical Malpractice


Suffering from the consequences of a delayed diagnosis or a complete misdiagnosis?

Contact The Barillari Law Firm to seek the compensation and justice you deserve–receive the very best care when you need it most! Learning that you or a loved one has cancer is difficult enough. If you or a family member is now suffering with the consequences of a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of cancer, you deserve to be compensated for this pain and distress.

Representing Cancer Victims

When it comes to cancer, early detection is often crucial; so what if you are given the news too late due to an incorrect diagnosis on the part of your physician? A misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis can have drastic, life-altering consequences, including worsened conditions, decreased chances of survival and treatment options, or even wrongful death.

When a genetic mutation occurs and produces damaged DNA, cancer forms within the body. This can result in the cell reproducing uncontrollably without end. These particular cells are able to invade other tissues, and can spread to other parts of the body through the blood and lymph systems. This makes it important for doctors to identify these changes early while the best treatment plan can be set in place and the cancer’s presence is limited within the body.

If the cancer is not detected and there is a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, the result might be metastasis—the cancer spreading to another organ—or a very large tumor, making certain options that would have eradicated the cancer in early stages like radiation, chemotherapy or surgery no longer effective treatments. Once the cancer has metastasized, the prognosis is often poor. The types of cancer that are often misdiagnosed include, but are not limited to: breast cancer, thyroid cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer.