Nursing Home Injuries

Nursing home abuse or neglect?

Call The Barillari Law Firm to discuss your case and pursue compensation for the pain and suffering of your mistreated loved one. If you have a family member who is displaying symptoms of nursing home abuse or neglect, do not hesitate to pick up the phone.

Many people reluctantly place elderly family members in nursing homes to live out their remaining years with necessary assistance, but when those loved ones are not properly cared for, it can be devastating for everyone involved. Nursing home abuse is taking deliberate action to cause physical or mental harm, while neglect is the failure to meet the obligations of providing care.

Nursing home abuse and neglect might involve:

  • disregard for attending to medical conditions
  • using unnecessary physical restraints or unprescribed medications
  • battery or sexual assault
  • emotional or psychological harm
  • failure to meet obligatory requirements of care such as ensuring proper hygiene or providing adequate food and water