5 Things to Do If You Are Injured On Someone’s Property

Home and business owners have the responsibility of maintaining the property they own in a reasonably safe condition. This responsibility is legally known as premises liability. Often times people are injured while on someone else’s property. The most commonly known premises liability accidents are “slip and fall accidents” but there are many other forms of injuries that can occur. Premises liability cases include any situation that is a result of a dangerous condition on the premises of someone else’s home or business. If you are ever injured while on someone else’s property, here are 5 things you will need to do:

1. Seek Medical Attention

If you are injured on someone else’s property, seek medical attention immediately. This is the first and most important thing you should do when injured – regardless of where or how you got hurt. It is important to check with a doctor after an injury, even if you do not have severe symptoms. The effects of an injury can sometimes take days or weeks before they manifest themselves.

2.Gather Your Evidence

You should photograph the area that you were injured in. These photos will serve as evidence of the dangerous conditions that caused your injury. Today, almost everyone has a smartphone so capturing photos should not be too difficult. If you are unable to take photos for any reason, try to ask a witness to take photos and exchange names and contact information with them.

3.Obtain Copies of Reports

Once 911 is called onto the scene of the accident, the police department will arrive and will want to create a report on the accident. If you are injured at a business establishment, the store manager or other worker may want to also create an incident report. Avoid admitting any type of fault for the injury. Be sure to obtain copies for yourself of any and all reports that are made. However, refrain from signing any reports or documents before speaking with a lawyer.

4.Save Medical Records

If the property owner is found to be liable for the injury, you may be eligible to recover any related damages. Your injury may cause you to miss work and have expensive medical bills. By saving all the paperwork from your injury, you will have the proof to claim damages. This will include medical records, bills, and receipts for out of pocket expenses such as prescription medications and medical equipment.

5.Understand Your State Law

Since every state has different laws set in place, you should learn about your own state’s law regarding personal injury and premises liability. If you decide to seek damages for your injury, you need to make sure you are within the timeframe in which your claim will be valid. To best understand your state’s law, you should contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney will take you through the steps of filing a personal injury claim and fight on your behalf to receive the damages you deserve.

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